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Affaircare Online Fees

David and Cindy believe in saving marriages.  We believe we should be paid for the services we provide–but it shouldn’t send your finances plummeting.   This economy can be hard enough!  So we offer several, cost-efficient options and ask that you pray about it and obey God’s leading.

We do offer more formal, couple-to-couple nouthetic coaching in three convenient ways:

  1.  by conference call with David, Cindy, and both of you;
  2.  by online, one-on-one chat; or
  3.  LIVE, face-to-face Skype call.

Again we do ask if you would pray about it and we suggest something in the range of $1/minute.   We believe the Lord will provide as we do His work.  All we ask is that you listen to His voice. We have set up the 3 most popular options–if you need or want another amount just let us know by email.

To pay for an appointment, please choose the number of minutes you’ve scheduled and then click “Buy Now”.

Coaching Minutes with Affaircare

 Thank you!!

Affaircare Donations

David and Cindy love helping people.  The podcasts, posts, articles, prayers, comments and emails t we provide are all content that is provided to you for free. We do not get any monetary value out of it, apart from the very few ads that are displayed on this website.

If you feel that we have helped you in some way, and you want to give us something back in return, we would very much like it if you are able to do one, or both of the below.

The first thing you can do is tell your friends about Affaircare, write a post on your own website, or just let people know that we exist.

The second thing you can do is donate money to us. We are not encouraging any one to donate, nor do not expect anyone to donate. But we have the option available if you really want to partner with us. If you would like to donate, just click on the donate button below and enter an amount you wish to contribute. This will help us provide everyone with greater content and will contribute to our web hosting costs.

 Thank you!!


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