What Happens When Your Spouse Writes to “An Old Friend”


It may have gone something like this:


They first start catching up, and it’s all “How you been doing? What have you been up to?”Then it would have morphed into talk about:

  • What they’ve been doing since they parted
  • Their significant others since they parted
  • Their families
  • Their favorite music, movies, etc.
  • Their spouses
  • You
  • Your job
  • How your job keeps you away
  • How lonely they gets when you’re away
  • How they looks forward to their conversations all the time now
  • How s/he loves talking to him/her
  • How s/he gets “bored” talking to you
  • How you don’t always listen
  • How you’re not “perfect”
  • How you can be so insensitive sometimes
  • How s/he wonders if s/he would have stayed with “the old friend”
  • How the “old friend” understands him/her
  • How  “old friend” knows how to make him/her feel good
  • How you fail at this
  • How you are such an a**hole
  • How s/he feels young again
  • How s/he hasn’t felt this happy with you in so long
  • How the  “old friend” is a better person than you’ll ever be
  • How s/he wants to see the  “old friend” again
  • How they can meet under the radar
  • How s/he has thought of leaving you
  • How s/he ever could have fallen for a jerk like you
  • How the  “old friend” is his/her soul mate
  • How s/he made a big mistake leaving the  “old friend”
  • How s/he made an even bigger mistake marrying you
  • How they were meant to be together…

…get the picture?

____________Thanks to F-102 at Talk About Marriage!!

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