Affaircare Romance Calendar

Please click on the word for the day to get the full description of that day’s romance “assignment” 

20 thoughts on “Affaircare Romance Calendar”

    1. Oh I’m glad to hear it’s just what you needed. Please feel free to share it with folks you think might use it! ~Cindy

  1. Oh sorry Paul I’m one day late! Dear Hubby and I had our anniversary this weekend and well… we were not in town (wink wink). So here’s your April and thanks for caring about the Romance Calendar.

  2. Haha, I think you get a pass (just this once)!!!! Thank you very much. I truly enjoy the calendar (my wife probably does even more).

  3. Can’t wait to see what the calendar updates will be for May+! When will they be posted? Thanks so much for doing this.

  4. I usually update about the first of each month, and I do a month at a time and I’ll do the first few days of the next month. So I’ll have the whole month of May up probably about May 1st.

  5. I really like this calendar. But when I click on the word for the day, it just flashes on the screen for a split second.

    1. Oh dispiritedheart, don’t be dispirited. I bet I was working on the calendar right when you were clicking on it! I was working on it at night on Monday night, May 6th. If that was when you were clicking, I bet that was it!

  6. I’m looking forward to see what’s in store on this months calendar. When will it be available?

    1. Well Hi again dispirited! You really do like this calendar, don’t you? Okay I’m sorry I was a little late this month getting the calendar up–I had children come and visit for the 4th of July and they stayed for four days! Woohoo it was so fun I completely enjoyed their company and forgot about the calendar. You have any ideas for August’s calendar? Email me at 😉

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