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Now is the perfect time to pause and reflect upon the work we’ve done together this year. The purpose of this post is to showcase some of our best stuff from 2014 (and there was a lot of it!). And what about 2015? We’ll share what we have planned for Affaircare and for January and the new year.

Explosive Growth

The Affaircare Community grew in 2014–and we are so thankful!  Last year (2013) we had just 135k visitors, and this year we had 735k!!!  Our likes and comments increased exponentially, and so did our Facebook page likes, our Twitter followers , and our newsletter subscriptions.  THANKS!!

You Ask, We Listen

We try to add new ways for you to connect with or interact with us and with each other, so this past year, 2014, we released several enhancements for Affaircare.  Major highlights include our YouTube Channel, our podcast available on iTunes or Stitcher, our Affaircare App so you can stay connected while you’re mobile, and our new Affaircare Forum. We also created a new program “90 Days to Save Your Marriage and Save You“.

Real Content

Building an online community is more than just creating a website—Affaircare needs people like you to return to our website over and over.  We offer quality content addressing all the various stages and questions about infidelity.  Providing the opportunity to engage in continual learning is a priority for Affaircare.

Our three favorite pages were:

Our most popular blog posts were:

In addition to our blog, we have added articles (“The Divorce Busting 180“), quizzes ( “Just Friends” or Infidelity? and Heart Chart), information (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy worksheet) and series like “Ask Affaircare” and “Recovering After an Affair” in 2014.


In January we’ll be starting an all new series on “Helping Your Kids Survive an Affair” all about the things a parent can do to help their children survive when one parent has been unfaithful.

We are going to update and improve our “90 Days to Save Your Marriage and Save You” program so that it is completely an online class you can take at your own pace.

We plan to develop a new series “Affaircare: After Divorce” to help those whose spouse had an affair and the marriage ended in divorce, even though that was not their plan.  Our ideas include addressing topics like growing, grieving, emotions, esteem, transforming, transparency, and loving again.

And in 2015 we hope to initiate a “Affaircare Gift Giveaway” program two times a year: in summer and for the holidays. We will ask fifteen of our friends and colleagues who are Christian bloggers, writers, podcasters and marriage supporters to offer you a very special gift of their choosing–a free white paper, report, PDF, ebook, or webinar–just as a way to say we appreciate you!

SO … a huge thanks to all of you: our community, partners, and team for helping us make 2014 happen. What happened in your online community this year you want to celebrate? Happy New Year from all of us at Affaircare!

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2 thoughts on “Growing Together in 2014: Affaircare’s Year in Review”

  1. Zaza/Lovey says:January 1, 2015 at 12:39 AM

    Thank you for your making a place for all of us who are struggling or have struggled with the fall out from infidelity. It has been very helpful to not only read your posts but those of others who offer support, empathy which is born of experiencing one of the most devastating occurrences one might encounter in life.

    Unexpected , unwanted, unwelcome yet all of what we go through offers us that opportunity to be in the care of the Lord Jesus Christ who has been ‘there’ and though He did not sin in any way HE knows the pain of betrayal and rejection. WHO else is so well equipped to counsel and comfort us!

    When the darkest moments of life are upon us Jesus Christ not only is THERE with us through it …but He will provide for us …He is our strength though we feel the bottom has dropped out from under our whole world. He is steadfast, immovable, continuing to bring about all things to His glory and we may be strengthened by having His Word in our hearts and minds but also by way of others who come along side.

    Love with “skin’ on is what we find with the fellowship of others who know Him and for those who do not KNOW Him in a most intimate and personal relationship there is the encouragement to know Him and to go to Him and ask Him to open our eyes to His Words that are there for our instruction in righteousness and information of His will and His desire for us to be IN Him through the birth from above by His incorruptible seed of His Word to live IN those who will receive it with hunger , thirst and meekness.

    Thank you to all who have participated on this site to offer support , comfort , encouragment and wisdom for the help and healing as we navigate this singularly unique yet sadly growing numbers of those whose lives are shaken by the discovery of such an unexpected and unintended and unwelcome ‘lesson’ of life here in the fallen world.

    Jesus will come soon for those who look for Him and in the mean time we continue in His Word because He has the Words of LIFE and none other.

    Thank you again for the venue to speak freely of our deep feelings often not understood or welcome among those who know not the depth of it nor feel comfortable with hearing it .

    Many blessings to those faithful servants of the Lord who offer such a sanctuary of hope.

    Happy …more happy New Year in 2015!


  2. Greg & Lisa Campbell says:January 1, 2015 at 1:38 PM

    We decided to visit your site when we saw you were also listed on the Christian Marriage Bloggers member page, thank you for what you are doing! Your site is fantastic and from looking around it seems your ministry stretches far beyond having a blog. We also have a heart for marriage minstry and we think the work you are doing and the topics you are covering are so needed.

    We are a step family and both have had experience dealing with an affair in our previous marriages, unfortunately for us those marriages ended and fortunately for us God blessed us with each other and a heart to help others succeed and heal through these tough areas.

    We are so glad we found your site and will be utilizing it as a place to send couples that we coach to when needed. We are excited to see what 2015 brings for you and thank you again for all of the work you are putting in so that people have a place to turn for comfort.


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