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It’s Here! It’s Here! LOVEveryday!


This week is Marriage Week, and to kick off a week that focuses on having a marriage that is affair-free, I want to put the spotlight on a new resource that is arriving tomorrow–just in time for Valentine’s Day! The resource is the new ebook “Love Everyday”— a collaborative effort between 27 authors and bloggers who are passionate about marriage. Each brings an expertise and wisdom, and each has a tip on how to love your spouse every day to build a marriage that is amazing and affair-free.

When Stu Gray (The Marry Blogger) asked me to work with this noteworthy group of marriage experts, I was thrilled to even be considered. The team of writers make up an eclectic group including myself, trained psychologists and even budget specialists. Some are fairly well known–Dustin from “Engaged Marriage,” Dr. Michelle from “Dr. Michelle Gannon” who’s been quoted in magazines and tv, and even Dan Miller of “48 Days to the Work You Love.” A wide variety of topics were assigned that address how to show love to your spouse all through the day…from the time the alarm clock goes off to the time your heads hit the pillows at night. And it’s not just “Ten Nice Things….” or romance tips! The topics are specific, practical, and down to earth. How does a tired mom and dad find time for the children and time for themselves?
“Love Everyday” was written for the couple that want it all–not five or six years of passion that gradually dies, but a lifelong partnership of intimate love. “Love Everyday” will help you to focus on the Love Kindlers that stoked the flames of love when you met, and discover new ways to kindle an even hotter fire.

Tomorrow, “Love Everyday” will be available for download–just in time for Valentine’s Day–for free. This post will be updated with a download link on the picture at the top of this article, and another link will be available to the right on the Affaircare sidebar. What a way to start off Marriage Week–but downloading a book to show love to your spouse all day long! I am so excited about this project and cannot wait to share the book with you. I consider myself blessed to be a part of this project!

Welcome to the Affaircare Blog

Like a lighthouse guiding you home after an affair

I know some of you are here because you are having trouble in your marriage and you’re looking for a lighthouse to guide you through the darkness of infidelity. You’ve found help. For more than ten years now I’ve been involved with helping couples recover after the storm of an affair. I offer Christian care and guidance, and I’ll listen to you with compassion, whether you are the loyal spouse or the one who was disloyal and now you want to save your marriage.

We often hear people say, “If s/he ever cheated on me, I’d kick ’em to the curb!” but in real life, the breakdown of a marriage can have unexpected costs. There are heavy physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual costs for divorce, and it’s felt by everyone in the couples’ lives: the spouses, their children, their immediate family, the extended family, employers and co-workers, friends, people in school and church–the devastation can be FAR REACHING. So it’s wise to consider and reconsider forgiving yourself, forgiving your spouse and repairing the damage that’s been done so you can build a new, stronger, more loving marriage! And that’s why I’m here…to help you do just that.

I feel hopeful and confident that you *can* recover and that your marriage can be rescued from the storm, because I’ve helped so many people reconcile and grow. You’ll find a lot of help here if you start on the Affaircare Home Page, and if you’d like you can follow Affaircare on Facebook or on Twitter.  But come here regularly–come often–and let’s bring your marriage back to safe harbor.