Top 8 Affaircare Topics: #7 “Exposure” & “Sample Consequences Letter” [Podcast]

I just found out my spouse is cheating-what do I do? How do I do ‘no contact’ when we have children? My spouse was unfaithful and there’s going to be a child! Before you cheat here are some things you should know.


In this week’s episode, we continue our new our series  “The 8 Most Popular Topics on Affaircare.” We’re doing a countdown from 8 to 1, and today we are at number 7: it’s a tie between “Exposure” and “Sample Consequences Letter.”

Articles in this podcast:
The Difference Between Exposure and Revenge –

Exposure vs. Revenge –

Sample Consequences Letters –

If you’d like to learn more about Affaircare join us next week when we’ll continue our 8-week series on “The 8 Most Popular Topics on Affaircare.”


One thought on “Top 8 Affaircare Topics: #7 “Exposure” & “Sample Consequences Letter” [Podcast]”

  1. The difference is that what honest people call exposure, liars and cheats call revenge because they don’t like it. Be very wary of people calling consequences revenge, they usually just don’t like bearing consequences. If it is legal do what you want to them. It does not “eat away at your soul” or whatever nonsense they say- what would that even look like, such nonsense. The “its not illegal” justification is used by cheats all the time, at least we faithful partners have a right to it. Want revenge? Do it, do it with cleverness ans strictly within the law. Enjoy it. Never regret. You don’t owe them a thing and you are not being a bad person. Don’t like my attitude? It’s caused by your actions so blame yourself.

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