Love Extinguisher #2 Spiritual Neglect [Podcast]

Do you hold a grudge against your spouse for every little wrong they’ve ever done against you? Do you hide your actions, motives, thoughts and feelings from your spouse?


Our new program, “90 Days to Save Your Marriage and Save You” will teach you and how your spouse how to recover after infidelity. To introduce our new program, I’m reviewing our Basic Concepts all month!

This week we are talking about the Love Extinguishers, and this video is all about Love Kindler #2 Spiritual Neglect. This extinguisher is about the ways we neglect our spouse’s spiritual welfare and live a life that’s detrimtental to their spiritual growth and maturity. If you justify your bad behavior, deflecting your own bad behavior onto your spouse…or if you disregard your spouse’s spiritual life by engaging in disrespectful judgments…then this video is for you!