Love Extinguisher #1 Emotional Neglect [Podcast]

Do you keep track of all the wrongs your spouse has done against you? Do you point out every little think your spouse does “wrong”?  Do you demand more and more and more and you’re never satisfied?  Do you try to control your spouse and make them do things the way you think they should be done?


Our new program, “90 Days to Save Your Marriage and Save You” will teach you and how your spouse how to recover after infidelity. To introduce our new program, I’m reviewing our Basic Concepts all month!

This week we are talking about the Love Extinguishers, and this video is all about the first Love Kindler #1 Emotional Neglect. This extinguisher is about the ways we neglect our spouse’s need to feel valued and loved, and even sometimes go to the opposite extreme of emotionally abusing our spouse.