Question of the Week: April 14th – 20th


So your spouse had an affair and you (the Loyal Spouse) have chosen to try to reconcile.

What are your “deal breakers”?

What are the things you have required in order to consider reconciliation?

3 thoughts on “Question of the Week: April 14th – 20th”

  1. After one major “D-day” May of last year , there has been contact two other times with the other woman. I have made it abundantly clear that any more contact with the other woman will be the last contact he ever has with me other than via a lawyer. There are a couple of others, but that’s the biggie and is not up for discussion.

  2. No contact with the other woman. He must go to individual counseling, he must have 2 men as accountability partners. He must answer all my questions about the affair. He must prove he is faithful. All passwords to all online profiles.

  3. Me too, totally – no contact with the other woman. If she was a work colleague, I would expect him to find a new job. I’d be willing to move to a new town too.

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