3 thoughts on “Question of the Week: April 14th – 20th”

  1. After one major “D-day” May of last year , there has been contact two other times with the other woman. I have made it abundantly clear that any more contact with the other woman will be the last contact he ever has with me other than via a lawyer. There are a couple of others, but that’s the biggie and is not up for discussion.

  2. No contact with the other woman. He must go to individual counseling, he must have 2 men as accountability partners. He must answer all my questions about the affair. He must prove he is faithful. All passwords to all online profiles.

  3. Me too, totally – no contact with the other woman. If she was a work colleague, I would expect him to find a new job. I’d be willing to move to a new town too.

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